Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Remembering Maw Maw Irene's Coffee Milk (Café au lait)

Daily Photo Challenge
Subject: Stretchy
July 27, 2010

For the stretchy challenge, I tried to get my husband to draw back the sling shot. He finally cooperated with a stipulation which was... "IF" I took his pic while sitting in the big boy chair as he was watching TV. Not alot of enthusiasm there. So, that was not really the image I was going for. Then, I looked around and remembered that I had flexi straws. They are a tiny bit stretchy, right? You know how one idea leads your imagination in all kinds of directions? Suddenly, I remembered my favorite drink when I was little kid. MawMaw Irene would fix me a big glass of sugary sweet coffee milk. She had this one certain green glass that was THE coffee milk glass for my brother and I. In good ole MawMaw style and for the special touch, she invariably plunked in a bent flexi straw. Well, actually she would put it in straight so that I could bend it over to hear that cranky sound.  Oh, yeah. It was so delicious down to the last little slurrrrrrrrp! Lastly, I would turn the glass up and throw my head back to get that final tiny drop. What a simple treat but a memory in my heart forever. Now, I am nostaglic for the Sunday evening program I used to watch when I stayed with MawMaw...Wild Kingdom.

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