Tuesday, February 1, 2011

From the Archives. Gatlinburg Vacation 2007

Today, I watched a photography workshop on kelbytraining.com.  kelbytraining is the brain child and extended enterprise of Scott Kelby.  He became a popular photoshop teacher through his 'how to' books.  Now, he hosts a website where a group of professionals teach instructional videos pertaining to photography, photoshop, lightroom, etc.  I pay a monthly service fee for access to the courses.   

The reason, I reached back to my 2007 Vacation Archives today was because I was reminded of Gatlinburg this morning.  I watched a new course where the video setting was Cade's Cove, Gatlinburg, TN.  Actually, the setting was a frozen wintry 12 degree Cade's Cove.  The premise of the workshop was Intimate Landscape.  The instructor was explaining the way he finds and composes images in places where it seems to be the 'off season'.  He eluded to the fact that during the spring and fall, there are lots of photographers but not during the frozen winter.  He demonstrated that during the frost bitten, bare treed winter forest, there are still interesting photos to be created.  He started the video in the area of the rustic little house and fencing pictured in the top image.  This charming little house is one of the first things I remember seeing when we entered Cade's Cove when Terry and I visited Gatlinburg in early March 2007.  As you can see in the image, the leaves are not yet on the trees but it was still beautiful. 

The Old Grist Mill above is a restaurant now in Pigeon Forge.

The Ubiquitous Tourist, that's me.  Taken by Terry (in 2007 of course).   See that red jacket?  I wore it today.  Do you know how old that red all weather London Fog is?  um. I can't remember the exact year that I purchased it but I remember that same winter the girls received a pink and a purple bike with little white baskets and plastic tassels on the handlebars.  They will be 23 and 21 this year.  I do remember the day that I bought it.  It was Grand Opening week for the Tanger Outlet Mall in Gonzales.  I just can't retire it.  The weight is perfect for our Louisiana weather.  It is still in perfect condition..I think so anyway.  It might be my proverbial Linus Blanket.  I'll probably be a little old lady dragging my red jacket behind me.

I took this picture of Terry reading about the Mountain people in the same area that he took my picture.  This was at the lookout point at the Tennessee/North Carolina State Line.  All of these pictures were taken with a Kodak camera that I borrowed from Mom.  (I didn't get my first dslr until October 2008.)  From what I understand, the Kodak company might be in trouble right now.   I appreciate the history and contribution that Kodak has made to the photographic industry.  The gold and black Kodak brand was the most popular brand of film as far as I remember.  I know that digital has almost eliminated the film development business.  There are some people who still use film.  But, obviously the digital photography age is here to stay.  I hope things turn around for Kodak.  Of course, they had to jump into the digital game and have produced great quality modern products.  I just read about a professional Leica S2 camera that sells for somewhere around 26,000 dollars. 
Can you guess who made the sensor for that camera? 


Go figure. 

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  1. Although these images are wonderful and beautiful....wouldn't you love to go back with the gear you have now and do these again??


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