Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 153 of 365, P is for Picking!

Today's photo challenge subject was:  Something that starts with P.  Well, PawPaw Sibley (Terry's dad) called to say that the corn was ready..."come get it!"  He had already picked a truck load of vegetables by the time I got to his house.  I racked up on about of 50 ears of fresh picked corn.  He also gave me a big mess of tomatoes, cucumbers and squash.  Yummy good summer eatin'!  He grows this huge garden every year.  Every year he says he going to cut it down. He is kinda like my mom.  She says that she doesn't know how to cook just a little bit.  PawPaw doesn't know how to grow just a little bit.  His gardens are always successful and the veggies are delicious.  We appreciate you PawPaw!
I was going though some engagement and bridal proof prints of my bride and groom that are getting married next weekend!  I can't wait.  I had their enlargements printed that will be displayed at their reception.  All I have to say is omgoodness!!!  So beautiful.  They will be proud of them.  I just know.  I love this couple.  They are the kindest, most wonderful and easy going, precious people.  I wish for them all the best in the whole wide world!   
So, for today's photo challenge, here is a beautiful
Picture in a Picture! 

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