Friday, June 25, 2010

Karmyn's Bday!

We celebrated Karmyn's 20th birthday a couple days late. She turned 20 the day of the Wedding that I had to photograph. She also worked that day so we decided to do her birthday cake on Monday because Father's Day was Sunday. As we were coming home Sunday night from visiting with her PawPaw, I told her it that we were making tomorrow "Karmyn day!" We went to get mani-pedi's together. I chose bright turquoise green for the toes and she chose a super neon pink for our fingernails. We got matching colors because we planned to go on a 'Girl's Day' shopping spree for her birthday. Also, she chose her favorite meal. She loves my spaghetti (Ragu Chunky...shhh! hehee...). So, I fixed a big pot of spaghetti, salad & Texas Toast. Oh, soooo easy & ordinary but if it makes her happy, her birthday dinner wish is my command! Our birthday cake tradition is homemade Funfetti Cake with Rainbow Chip frosting. It really is delicious. I started making that particular cake for the girls when they were little and it is now something they expect. They are still my little girls. I love it.


I have more to post but Big Daddy is waiting in the truck....Post To be continued .... uh oh, I'm in trouble if he honks again. BRB!

ok. So, I'm back home now to finish my blog post. We had to go return some Redbox flicks before the deadline. Then, he wanted to go to Sonic to get an extra long cheese coney, onion rings and oreo blast!

Did that...So, back to the B-day story. "Now, where was I?" IDK. Anyway, I have a video clip of Karmyn's bday candles. I am going to try to post it. Sometimes I have trouble with uploading directly to blogger. It was pretty funny and we sound so countryfied! haha...I'll work on it.

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