Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sprouting Dream Seeds!

I think life is worth remembering. If we do not write our experiences and feelings down, time has a way of making them vanish. I hope to encourage you with this thought. I started my blog in secret. I really didn't think anyone would be interested in anything I had to say. I blogged day after day just for me. My idea was that one day my children and family will have my simple thoughts and images to carry on. With each passing day's blog adventure, I became a bit more free. Then, little by little I began to share my blog address. Not to mention Mama shared my blog address for me too! :)

Today, I have people who signed up on my followers list! Do you know how thrilling that is for me?  I thought that there might be someone else who might be interested in writing their own blog or begin their own adventure in journaling their life.  Here was my comment of encouragement to someone special who is starting a new thing.  I wrote,  "...Blogging has somehow been theraputic for me. I think that each person has a creative voice inside just waiting to bust out. Writing, photography, or any artistic outlet is a wonderful way to acknowledge and recognize your own creative self. Sometimes our creative voices get pushed so far down inside that we can hardly hear their heartbeat. But, that heartbeat keeps pumping & waiting until the time is right for you to share the hidden heartbeat with the world. Freedom is when you drum up the courage to step out past the vulnerability, shyness and fear of exposing too much. Each step outside of your comfort zone, is a step towards knowledge and acceptance of who you are and who you will become! Isn't that exciting?"

So, maybe you don't give a hill o' beans about blogging or photography or any of my interests...! But, I bet you have a dream seed planted inside your heart that is ready to sprout. Yeah? Then, do something. Do a little something. Step a toe into the shallow end. Gain courage to wade in a little deeper...before you know it, you will dive in to your life adventure and become free!

Happy Independence Day Everyone!

*If you want to see me as a Leaping Lizard going all out and becoming free, check out this post. Notice: This post was only Day 20 of my 365 adventure! Freedom comes faster when you just jump in with both feet!

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