Sunday, August 1, 2010

Modified shelves to fit the 73" tv for the man cave!

Terry had to cut out some shelves from the built in bookcase unit so that he could fit his new tv! On Father's Day last month, the television flipper (him!) came across QVC selling this tv as a Today's Special Value. I told him to 'change that channel'! I am a recovering QVCaholic. He said, 'Wait, I want to hear what they have to say....' Minutes later he had me calling in the order for this 73" tv. When it arrived, we had some modifying to do. We set it up temporarily on a stand until last night when he could cut out the shelves. So, I was painting and staining to repair the patches at midnight last night. When I saw that my photo group's challenge for today was shelves, I told him to strike a pose.

Smokey and the Bandit movie was on. See that hot spot on the screen? That is the hot spot from the flash. I thought it worked out that it looks almost like a huge headlight beam from the big truck.
Terry asked me how much of my stuff actually needs to go back on the shelves.  He told me if I didn't hurry up and put my things back up, he was going to put his football paraphanalia up there.  With 2 daughters and me, he has lived in a girl world for a long time.  I think he is ready for a man cave.  Actually, this is the living room.  It would be super nice to build a cave for his retreat.  He would hibernate there I am most certain!

Follow up: 
Jean Ann (blog:, asked a great question about the hot spot and how I was able to get it line up with the headlights on the big truck image. 
Here is my answer:  "Anytime, I tell my family members to 'go over there so I can get your picture...' and IF they decide to cooperate...I have to get that shot is 2.3 seconds or Its Over! If I take longer than that, I get eye rolls, shoulders thrown down in a huff, and looks that say "Would you hurry up and get this over with!" So, there is no time for creativity. I did a test shot with no flash and the tv picture was great, but all else was dark. Tried a couple different apertures but I knew I was going to lose my subject. So, I cranked it over to auto and let the pop flash fill up room. Timing of the two shots were deliberate. I wanted to have an iconic image on the tv screen and there was big ole Burt Reynolds, larger than life. I couldn't pass it up. Then, when I saw those big trucks rolling down the interstate, I knew I wanted that image too. Terry had no idea what I was getting excited about but I told him it was so cool. I knew I was getting the hot spot but, 'whatever'...ya know? So, when I downloaded the images, I noticed where the hot spot was on the trucker shot & thought, "HOT DANG!"

So, longer answer short, dumb luck. "

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